Enjoy your Slingshot but wish you had more traction and stability?

Looking to build an effective yet affordable track car?

Want a unique vehicle that offers outstanding handling on the street?

Then the TrakHamr™ is just what you need.

The Specs

  • Installs with simple hand tools in a single day
  • Uses readily available factory GM parts
  • Retains factory wheelbase dimensions
  • 6” wider than a C7 Corvette!
  • Center of gravity is 13” high
  • Easily converts back to stock with only $300 for rear black plastic replacement panels where frame tie in holes are cut. COMPLETELY REVERSEABLE
  • Weighs 1900 lbs.
  • 3.73 final gear ratio for quicker acceleration
  • Weight bias is 52/48 front to rear for excellent handling and stability
  • Allows the use of factory or aftermarket wheels
  • Gets rid of that awful gear drive noise
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY- This is the only 4 wheel Conversion on the market for the Slingshot that retains the ABS braking and Traction Control


  • Alpha Turbo Installs
  • Upgrade suspension with QA1 shocks
  • Upgrade braking with Stoptech BBK including a custom rear kit only for the TrakHamr™
  • Run a second stock rear wheel with the base kit or WIDENED factory wheels for a great look with 345/25/20’s
  • Tons of aftermarket wheel choices

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